New Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

 Mustard Platform Ankle Booth from

 Wedges from Vincci

Pointed Heels, a gift by my sister!

first of all, i should say sorry for the unpleasant background of the photos. haha..those shoes were being photographed at their special wardrobe named as my car's booth!

oh ya, i've got three new items in a week! the boot and heels had never worn yet but the wedges was perfectly being worn everyday to the office. it was only RM30 when Vincci made a sale and its really a buzz-worthy purchased! very comfortable i cakap sama u..huhu~

now, lets talk about the eye-catching ankle boot up there. i was always excited over it and really looking forward to own one. yup, i got it from an U.K e-bay since my gf's sister was finishing her studies there and was also willing to bring it back for me., it is quite cheap when convert to Ringgit. i got it at only RM75!

then, the last one was a gift from my sister. i'm admiring the retro pattern of it so much, its so vibrant! haha..although im not sure on when and where should i wear the heels since i'm not really a fan of pointed heels. haha...yup, i love a killer one as i'm desperately need a big-extra inches to be added into my petite height! ;P


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  1. Mustard Platform Ankle Booth so damn awesome! i wish i can have emm! awww!

  2. hahahhahha...i cant wait to wear it but i just couldnt find d right moment yet as encik Zamri ckp its FIERCE! hahahha..tq guys! XD


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