Hokkaido Restaurant, K.L

Buttered Prawn

Should i describe the taste in detail? hmm..lets start with this delicately delicious dish that comes with the strong taste of butter in between the prawns. i love the crunchiness of the stuff above those prawns so much! oh, its sweet, salty enough for your tongue and killing! haha..besides the fact that the prawns were in a king size that will add an extra point for your liking. THUMBS UP!

Oysters fried with Chili

Hmmm...the oysters were well-fried with the chili sauce. yup, the taste was as tempting as the look and i'd say that this the best oysters i've ever tasted. the first trial was the raw oyster that made me wanna vomit. haha...it was long time ago! so, if you wanna try this type of seafood, i'm highly recommending you to order this menu. THUMBS UP!

Siakap Steamed Asam Pedas 
I don't have a word to describe the sauce since everything was just right on its place. the sweetness, the spiciness and the sourness were perfect. yup, i don't have any complain on the fish as it was well-cooked as well. Oh, besides this type of cooking, you can also try their 'steamed asam boi'.

Stir-fried Baby Kai Lan with Garlic

A veggie dish is a must and we're always ended up ordering this menu. i love the delicate sauce around the veggies. it was a soy sauce combined with garlic. hmmm..try to imagine the taste by yourself. haha..

Chinese Fried Rice

This is the main dish among all of those orders. yup, no rice, no joys! haha..i just created the line but seriously, chinese fried rice is my favourite fried rice ever.

Girls, i'm sorry for not updating any fashion-related post by this moment. yup, they were lined up in a very long line right now but i just need the time to sort all the photos since i've got a big problem here, I'VE LOST MY BELOVED COMPAQ!!! yup, it was already 3 weeks in the past but i still can't believe it..... ;'( huh, lets switch back the mode!!

Those photos are incredibly scrumptious, right?! no worry, it will never fail you. personally, my forever favourite is the Buttered Prawn combine with the main dish, the Chinese Fried Rice! yup, these two dishes are fully enough to capture your heart and soul.

Well, this was actually happened on the previous iftar. yup, it was already a basi story that i've safely kept in my draft box! haha..this happened when i'm not in the mood of talking about food. hehe..sorry dearest as you need to just follow my unstable mood. (">.<)

Back with the restaurant that was actually our family's favourite place since my childhood. it is the best choice whenever you're craving over a chinese cuisine. NO PORK SERVED and it was a well-known chinese restaurant among all races. haha..yup, it is obviously a 1-Malaysia culture as you can see lot of Malays and Indians were together dining under one roof, AWESOME! ^^

Oh, i forgot the most important thing in here. the TOTAL LOST was RM166.00!

*** Photos are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***


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  1. pernah makan kat sini. serious sedap. time tu siap ada orang datang nyanyi lagi :)

  2. kn kn terbaek la 4 Chinese cuisine but ade satu lg temp kat damnsara uptown..terbaek juge n murah sket la compare to this restaurat :)


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