New Khalifah Was Born


Well, this GREAT NEWS should actually be the first update for this month but sorry, i FAILED! anyway, it is always BETTER LATE than NEVER. so, introduce a newborn who saw the world on the last 2nd September 2012 sharp on 7:40 p.m. oh, his weight is 2.28 kg. hehe..

Named as Syed Amirun Faiz bin Syed Abdullah Syaihan. haha..long enough for A breath?! nevertheless, his mom's name is Suzai Dathul Joanna Binti Sukarjo and my name is Suzai Dathul Ezaidah Binti Sukarjo. haha..i don't know where the idea of the never-ending name in our family came from but i promise to myself that my future-child should also has the atleast 3 words in their name. hahaha

Thus, i pray that Syed Amirun Faiz will be a GREAT khalifah to The Almighty Allah S.W.T, to the Beloved Rasul Allah, to both his parents, to the religious, to the nation and insyallah to all the creations. Amin ya Rabbal Alamin..

So, dear Nyonyot (his special nickname by me..hihi) Welcome to the sinful duniawi and please be a good person yarr. Insyallah..from your beloved aunty Suzai!  :)


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