Photo Diary #7 - Still Raya Part 1

Yup, this blog is still in the mood of Syawal! haha..i'm sorry dearest as recently, i've been involved in too many crises that prevent me from updating in here. please, don't ask about the bunch of photos that have been pile up in my lappy. they are still in the middle of editing and sorting process.

So, the Raya festive has ended in a glimpse of an eye and this gathering was happen on one week before the ending. haha..sorry for delaying it for almost 3 weeks now. hehe..i don't like to say this but hey, i've been so busy managing my social life and my career life effectively!

As you can see up there, we're even celebrating our friend's big day in the middle of the 'Raya Convoy'. Congrats Mr. Radzi for the wedding, we wish you guys had a blessing marriage forever..Insyallah. so, our 1-day gathering started at Jenderam, Banting and completed the night at Cyberjaya.

This was actually our 2nd Raya gathering and it was more fun and sweet! haha..the total photos are like 300+ pieces since everybody were crazy over the camera and we just can't stop from striking the poses. by the way, i guess that was the thing that create the fun environment whenever we gathered. so, guys do not forget to charge your camera's battery on the day before. hey, this is a top secret!!

yup, this is the 1st part and will be continue with another bunch of photos in the 2nd post yarr. haha..please do not get bored with it since i just can't stand from sharing the photos in here. hehehehe...btw, CLICK HERE to view the 2nd part of Photo Diary #8 - Still Raya Part 2!

" Once a Friendship Considered, It Is Forever...Insyallah.. "


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  1. sis, bestnya raya duk uma kai ju kelawar je. ehhe

  2. jejaln ngan kwn je fun, ngan family xd pon. same r dok umh je..hehehheheh


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