Look #61 - Feeling Gorgeous in this Lavish Kaftan

Scarf from F block
Lavish Embellished Kaftan borrowed from my mom
Platform Heels from Vincci

first of all, i'm not really favoring the photo as it was quite bad but i still need to credit my dad! hehe..yup, i've forced him to snap my Canon although he was like "Uhhhghhh...i've got a weird daughter!" haha..thanks papa! XD

well, i also need to credit my mom as this lavish kaftan is my mom's and i just borrowed from her. THANKS MAMA!! haha..honestly, i was so excited over it since the first time i saw it hanging in my mom's wardrobe but i just don't find the right moment to wear it. thus, this was on the night to my cousin's Raya open house in Bukit Jalil. oh cousie, thanks for giving me that 'right moment' and yep, thanks for the food as well. hehe..

now, lets talk about the kaftan as it is the main highlight of this look. i LOVE the pure white colour, the luxurious embellishment on the chest and surely, the flawy material so much as it draped down on the body perfectly. yup, it didn't makes me look bigger but indeed it helps me to receive lot of nice compliments saying that i look slimmer. Alhamdulillah...i know i should wear it again and again. haha

OK then will continue later. c ya on the next post..!! ^^


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  1. Comel gila....kereta blkg tu. huhuhu

  2. aisyah-->tq ecah.. ;)

    tulus-->hahhahah...kreta je ke??? sy camne?? hahhahah tq dear ^^


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