A New Obsession

Happy Weekend dearest! i just wanted to showcase my new collection of a scarf. from now on you can expect me to wear this type of scarf in every fashion post. haha..no pashmina for this time being as i'm falling deeply in love with this scarves. i found that there are simple, absolute comfortable and suits me very well.

Honestly, the best reason is i got them at only RM5/each. what a great bargain! girls, i'm working very hard to edit and sort all the photos in my lappy here for the next-next fashion post. thus, please be patience and wait for it yarr. THANKS for all the LOVE!  ^^


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  1. me butik tmpat kja got, new collection of tudung bawal yg vry nice,, mmg mhal, but each design just got a few,, will out next month maybe... ltter i give u our website link when we done upload it.. ^__^

  2. insyALLAH will c it dear..tq sooo much for sharing!! hehehhee


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