Look #60 - Timeless Pieces

" Timeless, don't let it end. Now, that you're right here in my arms where you should stay. Hold tight baby. Timeless, don't let fade out of sight. Just let the moment sweep us both away. Lifting us to where we both agree. This is timeless love.."  
Timeless by Kelly Clarkson ft Justin Guarini

I always feel elegance, confident and assuredly gorgeous in our traditional wears. same goes with this classy Nyonya Kebaya that i got from my mom long time ago. if you recall back the previous fashion post, i've wore the same top but with other bottom. however, this was the best combination i've ever done. ahaks~

I just simply love the cutting that helps me to look slimmer, the vibrantly red and the classy detailed on it. besides, i've never thought that red and purple can be a great pair! well, i don't know what i should name that silver accessory on the chase since it is a necklace+brooch. nevertheless, i got it at RM45 and it is an absolute sizzling. Love it!

Haha..i know that Eidulfitri was ended but i still got a story for it. so, these were actually taken during my "Convoy Raya" to our friend's house in Kajang and Banting. yup, will make a separate post for it as bunch of great photos are waiting. then, thanks to both Noor Azuwanna and Nor Faizela for the location of my photoshoot here. hahaha..

" Beautifully Photographed by my dear friends, Siti Nur Liyana J.W.W and Nor Fadzilah Salleh "


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  1. ehh volkswagen kombi. love love love.

  2. cantik! red + pinks = make a great color combination. kebaya memang klasik, seklasik that VW van. =)

  3. I love your curve,like seriously!
    Tak ramai org ada curve like yours

  4. nadira-->hhahhaha..i xtau pon nmae die n lg best i ingt VW tu die tampal! hahahhaha

  5. Mr Zamri-->tq dear.yup im loving the unexpected combo ni juge...sizzling kn?! ^^

  6. hidaya-->hahhahah u wat i tersipu sipu malu ni..adoi yang curve cam mangga kna bungkus ni..hehehhehehe btw tq dear ^^


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