Photo Diary #8 - Still Raya Part 2

dearest, i'm purposely delaying this post as it contains loads of photos. i know i need to separate this part 2 with the 1st one as i'm aware of the slowing loading effected by it. yup, this is the sequence photo diary of my 'Raya Convoy' with my schoolmates from Kajang > Banting > Cyberjaya and ended the night at 12 p.m.

personally, this year's Eidulfitri was freaking awesome since i've spent a very good moment with my beloved friends here. Alhamdulillah, we're still as close as the time during our school time and surprisingly, we are even closer now compared to the past!

btw, let me list out their names in here. i just wanted to thanked them for binding a great friendship with me since the moment we've own each other in the year of 2001! they are Nadzirah Yaakop, Fadzilah Salleh, Roszalina Adenan, Siti Nur Liyana J.W.W, Noor Azuwanna Rosli, Alaina Shofni, Nur Ashikin, Marliyana Sahran, Nur Faiezela, Siti Fatihah Jamaludin, Fakhrul Radzi, Zaim Nur Hakim, Muhamad Zaid Arif and Noor Al-Hamed. Insyallah...friend is forever! worry, this gonna the ending of Raya entry. haiyoooo..i need to be hurry as lot of pending stories are queuing while the upcoming stories are assuredly waiting in the line too! hmmm..i will try my best to update in time although i know its very hard for me~

anyhow, CLICK HERE for the FIRST PART of "Photo Diary #7 - Still Raya Part 1". last but not least, hey dearest readers, THANKS a lot for all the LOVE! ^^


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