[Whats Up K.L] Azya' Bazaar 2012

Event : "A Showcase of Urban Hijab Fashion"
Date : 2nd and 3rd June 2012
Venue : The Strand Kota Damansara

This is a very GREAT news not just for me whos wearing a hijab but its clearly prove that Muslimah Fashion was spreading perfectly. yup, its specially organized for a hijabi fashionista who always eagerly looking for great clothes under one event!

i don't think i need to list the vendors here because almost all the FAMOUS BLOGSHOP are joining the event including the non other than OLD BLOSSOM BOX, Pastellina and Calqisya!

thus, if you have nothing to do on this weekend, why don't you take your mom to the event as i believe it gonna be sooooo sooooo awesome! UNFORTUNATELY, i'm scared that i'm not able to participate since i'll be so busy with my friend's wedding tonight and tomorrow!

huhuhu.. can you imagine how many fabulous looks could i share in here if i'm playing my "What-Where-Wear?" game! oh gosh, this is seriously a big waste...hmmmm will see... 

Anyhow, for more info about the event, do please visit the OFFICIAL FB PAGE ^^


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  1. WoW. Maybe You can't participate but I still envy you!!! There is an event it's only You to decide whether to go or not! You have a choice! I wish I had. I live in such a gloomy place surrounded by non Muslims...where I am considered exotic for my hijab...I wish someone organise such event even in a neighbourly country...I would love to have such an option...



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