HFW DAY 6: "Date Night"

By Saturday, June 02, 2012 , ,

Pashmina from Jalan TAR
Slouchy Sweatshirt from forever 21
Polka-dot Dress from Bundle Fest 2012
Necklace from Diva
Ring from F21
haha..i'm not a ghost, sorry i just forgot the shoes!!  LOL =D

Salam and Happy Splendid Saturday..

Oh..i thought i'll unable to post this 6th day look sharp on 8p.m but i guess i just wrong! yup, i'm just coming back from Johor and i promise to myself that i'll redeem my sleep after the isya' prayer. hehe..

Without further ado, this 6th theme is "Date Night" which we need to showcase the look when we go dating with the (future) hubby. personally, i think this is the right moment for a lady to execute the femininity side of herself but still keep the modesty in the final result. for sho!

Hence, i guess dresses would be the perfect choice as it is seriously easy to act charming and courteous in it. besides, the fact that it is also easy to gain his attention right on the moment when you walk down the aisle! hehe..although mine here does not reflect elegance factor at all but can i say its cute?! haha..

Talking about the outfit, let me start with my current FAV piece there, the F21 slouchy sweatshirt! it is extremely comfortable and please know that the material is not really thick, its just perfect! then, that cute vintage dress was bought at a very cheap price at a flea market in here. it is seriously one of the buzz-worthy purchased i've ever made and if you could see the collar part, you will be more amaze by it but i'm sorry i just couldn't display it! is sleeveless LOL =D

Thus, with this look i should say that my perfect date with the (future) hubby is spending the day by strolling around at the Genting Highlands (this is a low temperature place in Malaysia~) and the night would be more romantic by having a candle light dinner at any cozy restaurant there. wohooooo..try to imagine the dim light and the cool fog around 'us'. Oh oh...its soooo romantic! haha..i LOVE this theme so much!! hehe

OK, i think i should stop here or otherwise i will start to ramble about my dream romantic Honeymoon wishlist! beauties, as usual you are invited to view and be inspired by other spectacular look at the HFW OFFICIAL PAGE. ^^

CLICK HERE to view my 

Oh, tomorrow is the LAST DAY., don't forget to check-in here again and c ya then! ^^


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. salam dear!
    sgt suka style begini, sweater sgt comfy!

  3. Dim lighting, refreshing weather, candlelight...oooh I can seriously picture it! Love your detailed analysis of Date Night :P & the cute dress!

    ♥ Wafa of

  4. Dim lighting, refreshing weather, candlelight...oooh I can seriously picture it! Love your detailed analysis of Date Night :P & the cute dress!

    ♥ Wafa of

  5. Salam. Nice rambling, though. Heheh. Sweet outfit, relaxed, I'd say.

  6. Tutup Mulut & Laila -->tq dear 4 viewing and LIKING mine here ^^

  7. WAFA HFW-->hahahhaha...daydreaming is always d best!! haha..i think u guys hv to stick this theme as well lol =D

  8. tak pe je-->tq sooooo much yup that shirt is extremely comfy n i just couldnt stop wearing it..hahaha

  9. I rase style ni plg sesuai ngn you and totaly compliments your body! :)


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