[Review] Snow White & The Huntsman 2012

Honestly, this was an unplanned movie hunting when me and my babe met on yesterday. we just wanted to release the tense since the last time i watched a movie was "Underworld Awakening" !! so, instead of the Piranha 3D and the "Man Sewel", we decided to go for our beautiful Bella's latest film. hehe..yup, i LOVE Kristen Stewart and yup, that is one of the reason why i voted to watch this movie. ^^

now, let us take a sneak peak on some of the movie scenes. seriously, i always adore a late century kingdom scenery. meant to say that i love watching The Duchess, The Other Boleyn Girl, Cinderella Story(Drew Barrymore) and etc...huhu there are few(more) of my fav!

the WHITE@pale Stewart who is not a vampire but this time, a SNOW WHITE..hehe
remember SNOW WHITE is always related to a red devillicious apple!
the evil but absolutely beautiful step mother.
Charlize Theron is undeniable gorgeous!!
hehe..my tough, tall and handsome huntsman!
A childhood friend, William is quite a cute one too~

without further ado, here is my own definition of the movie. obviously, the story line was based on the famous fairy-tale story such as the fact that Snow White had an evil-witch stepmother, the poisonous red apple and the kiss that could break the curse! hehehe..

nothing much i can say as i bet everybody knows the tale but seriously, it is really FUN to watch the film which i felt like the duration was more than 2 hrs! we were kinda exhausted soon after the movie finished since all the scenes are very adventurous and challenging. haha..as the Snow White had to go thru the Black Forest, fighting with all the enemies, then stumbled into a fantasy garden of the dwarfs then etc etc until the movie really ended with the happily ever after ending! *relief* ><

next, the crucial gist is i'd like to give high salutation to all the actors especially the absolutely beautiful South African born actress, Charlize Theron! she is damn gorgeous in it and plus her evil acting was too superb too deny an award. seriously, i admire her character the most!

thus, i'm highly recommended all of you to go and watch it. this movie is definitely a MUST-WATCH, ok? ^^


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  1. agree with you sist, Charlize Theron is totally awesome she's really beautiful in this movie :D


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