Photo Diary #4 - Happy Papa's Day!

By Sunday, June 17, 2012 ,

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my only papa, Mr. Sukarjo Muhamad.. =)

dearest, have you spent some quality time with your dad on yesterday? and my sister gotta time to sit and leisurely enjoy the high-tea dining at the Royal Bintang Hotel e@curve. was a special promotion for this 2012 Father's Day but sadly, we were extremely disappointed with the serving and choices!! huh!

huhu..i don't wanna talk about the food. thanks God since we still have plenty of time to flash-back and reminiscing our childhood tales. it was soooo much of fun and most memorable one. yup, that was the aimed and objectives!

 hahaha...sile abaikan mamat2 sesat dlm pic ini..haha i'm just tooooo lazy to cut it!! XP

lastly, THANKS papa for everything and we LOVE you sooo much! hahha...don't be sad mama as we've still save loads of LOVE for you too. then, c ya on my FULL DESCRIPTION of that awesome mint look! hehe.. =)


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  1. Cehhhh perli gilerr!!! hahahha..terbaek kn XD

  2. salam dik non , alamak sowe sgt2 ...

    awat awk lmbt komen , akk dh tepek b4 kul 5 ... rugi je psl smlm mmg burn 2 tix pree tu tau ..

  3. aloooooo kak SEDIHNYERRR..tu r tgk jam da kol 7 mesti akk da get ready n offline..huuuu nk wat cane kol7 tu r baru sy trbace post akk!! warghhh NAK NANGES!! X(


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