Instagram #2 - Recent Photo in My Life!

By Wednesday, June 27, 2012 ,

photos are edited by using Adobe Photoshop CS3

#1 - with my beloved grandmother..she was already 99 years old. saya sayang embah saya.

#2 - my baby needs a doctor!

#3 - i've stuck for almost 4 hrs in that killer traffic jam!

#4 - hehe..the old identification card which captured my 15 years old look.

#5 -  i LOVE kitten. <3

#6 - running errands with mom. this rack is seriously NOT ERGONOMIC at all!


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  1. gosh...wat happen wit the 2nd pic??

  2. huhu...ive been involved in an accident yg hehe..i y xpasan kete tuh ngundur!thank God i didnt hv to pay anything besides my baby's 'medical' payment je r kn..n hehe seb beik i sht walafiat je.. XD


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