it hurts!

By Thursday, June 21, 2012

i don't know how to describe 'this' thingy but its seriously damaged my heart and soul. i can't breath, i can't think of anything and for sure, i can't look at him!

well, it is like breathing in the water where the amount of the O2 is just 33.33% of the total volume...

its freakin' HURT!


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  1. what a nice blog... :)

    *tp kalo xde security code after comment would b nice :)

  2. syakir tq soooooooooo much..hehe actually lot of ppl hd told me but i dont know hw to set it..hahah but then i think ive removed that moderation SPECIALLY for u..hmmm hope it works! ^^

  3. do follow my blog ya.. :)


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