Look #53 - A Glamorous Night in A Shear Outerwear

ignore the face! ><

ignore the face! haha.. XD

Ohh..not really satisfy with the photos. it was so hard to select a SHARP and ADMIRABLE one but still THANKS A LOT to my mom for being my instant photographer. huhu..

If this is not executing glamorous effect to your sight, just change the tittle to "A Shear Outerwear Worn at Night". haha..it just popped out in my mind as the outstanding poolside view was seriously gorgeous and luxe especially at night! yup, this is the location of my recent vacation at Pangkor Island which was captured at the Anjungan Beach Resort. please wait for my update of the full "Pangkor Photo Diary" in patience! ><

Thus, I don't think i need to list out the brand here as almost all of it are unbranded except the accessories and the clog which are from Diva and Aldo. obviously, the shear long outerwear was making its 1st appearance since this is also my very 1st time wearing it. honestly, i love its long cut and the shear material itself. to be specific, it feels really great to be worn at a windy day! hehe

Then, the printed leopard slouchy pant is one of my FAVOURITE piece. you may not see it often in here but my family members must be bored looking it constantly stick on my leg. haha..it is extremely comfortable and perfect for simple and lazy night!

However,  if you're really following my fashion post, lot of my looks are quite simple in terms of the style as well the colours. i'm rarely wearing bold printed items since i'm just comfortable for being me but honestly, i'd always love to give all the current trends a TRY. hehe..always remember gals, we need to measure the trends with our own body and shape, do not blindly follow the others. ok?! ^^

OK then, i'm not really in the mood of writing today! hahaha..can you believe it after the long 4 paragraphs above! haha.. c ya on the next post!


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