The UNIQLO and ME!

Happy Sunday peeps! woohoooo, honestly updating my blog on weekend is quite awkward. hehe..because usually my weekend is quite busy but today i chose to wake up late, go for brunch(for sho~), watching NONA(haha..this is a women documentary program) and get messy in my own castle!

so, that was my own fingers on the UNIQLO plastic bag. yup, atlast i've successfully purchased an UNIQLO item since i've told you that this brand is not really my liking although i admit the quality is super tip-top! its just that my fully heart has been stole by the F21 brand, i guess LOL.

haha..although by now i'm sure that Mr.Zamri from the Zamri's Big Fat Blog(who's the huge fan of this Japanese brand!) has already owned countless of UNIQLO pieces in his wardrobe whilst still should congratulate me for lastly, got one for myself! XD

however, i cannot reveal the item as is an inner wear where people wear it inside of the clothes. OK, please do not be a pervert yarrr...its not WHAT YOU ARE THINKING RIGHT NOW! dushh, delete it and just bear in your mind that i'm looking forward to get some other things from this brand in future. so, lets wait and see.. =)


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