Easy, Breezy, Cozy and BEACHy!

Those FANTABULOUS stellar look were taken via the Lookbook! high credits should be given to all the fashionista for sharing their stunning easy, breezy and beachy look with us to be inspired of!

as the summer is approaching, everybody is preparing to hit on the beach. while here in Malaysia, we are so proud to tell you that we have all summer in here! hehe..why am i talking about this perfect warm-weathered season? haha..i'm actually going to an island for a family vacation on tomorrow morning! ^^

now, talking about this SUMMER look. basically, this season demands a BRIGHT and BOLD hue such as the neon colours, risky red or you'll be a fashion forward fashionista if you have a MINT colour pant in your wardrobe, wear it out!

yup, be the center focal when you hit the beach and keep on reminding yourself that do not forget to pick the easy-breezy and real-light materials. otherwise, you gonna sweat like hell~ additional, a big straw hat, a great sunnies and a sunblock SPF50+ cream are the best items for completing the final touch! ^^

well, i'm planning on having an incredible photoshoot with the blue beach and wide sky as the background! huhu..although i know that i need to force one of my family member to be my instant photographer. haha..sorry guys, just bear with me LOL =D

then, c ya on Saturday..insyAllah...


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  1. sana sini orang pakai skirt kan...kene try jugak la gamaknya...

  2. AAAAA!Now You've killed me! I love beaches. I spend my childhood by the Atlantic and Indian ocean! How I miss that. I wish I could feel the breeze, the salty air on my lips...I live in Warsaw and the nearest sea side is 600km away!!! Beside that the beaches here aren't nice at all...no palms...I love palm trees! I so wish you could take me with you! Can't wait to se those photos. Wish you all the best inshaAllah!


  3. kak ogosh-->SILEKAN kak alahhh sy pendek n gemok shj..huhu elok shj memakai skirt itu..i think we just need to find the one that suit our body la then it will definitely look great on us..huhu

  4. MING MING-->haiiyooooooooo i dont wanna be a murderer! hahaha..tq dear 4 excite over there..insyAllah i will post my beach look asap =))


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