[Photoshoot 11] Look #54 - "This Time I MINT(meant) It"


Pashmina from Jln TAR / Unbranded inner top got at only RM9.90 / 
Mint blazer 'stole' from my mom's old wardrobe / F21 skinny jeans / Diva gold necklace / 
Vincci sequinned pouch and watch / ALDO killer clog

Alhamdulillah....atlast here is the full description of my Fathers's Day outfit. honestly, i've been trying to post this since last Monday! haha..and today was already Friday LOL. i don't know why i always took a very long time to touch-up, select, write and lastly post those bunch of my perasan-nak-jadi-model photo! =P

OK lets talk about the outfit. i bet all of you've already know that MINT is this season trandiest hue. yup, it is also included in the pastel palette and guess what? this is my very 1st time wearing a pastel colored garment..haha and it was being stole from my mom's old wardrobe!

Then, that fabulous blazer is my utmost fav item. i always adore a styling with a blazer but i found its quite difficult to find the right time and place to wear it. thus, i gotta chance to atlast comfortably wore it on that lovely evening at the awesome location of the e@curve. love it!

with my cutie sister, cutie papa and cutie ME! haha XD

yup, that photoshoot was actually done during the small celebration for my dad. haha..the funny thing about him and me is he always smile weirdly whenever he saw me dressing up and seriously striking a pose in front of the camera! haha..he must be thinking that why does he has a weird daughter! 

haha..and for your information, i should credit my brother-in-law for being my instant photographer. hehe..i guess his angle skill has improved, congrats bro! haha..then again, HAPPY PAPA'S DAY to my papa and all the daddy in the world! ^^


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  1. Your mum must be a stylish woman. I can't picture my mum in pastel blazer.

  2. haha..yup thanks to her as i kept on stealing her's now..it saved my money LOL XD

  3. ur face mmg ade iras adik prmpuan i le suzai.. :)

  4. hahahah..SUE kasi tunjuk sket muke adk u tu! hahaa..kem slm kat die ok =))

  5. love the blazer :) thats my favo color. thanks for stopping by my blog :) feel free for follow.

  6. tq putri...no prob dear ive already be ur fan! ;)


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