Instagram #1 - Saturday with My Bestie!

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Alhamdulillah, we've been a close buddy for almost 13 years now! ever since the high school time, we both are very comfortable to go hang out together although it was only two of us. we're different in personality but yup, we've share the same interest plus the opinions of what-a-life-should-be...~

we've trying out lot of things together like experiencing the ice-skating for the first time, enjoying water fun at the Sunway Lagoon, watching the Asean X-game 2004(maybe..forgot already lor~), also first time watching a live gig and even staying overnight at the Genting Highlands when we're only 15-17 years old. no parents guidance and loads of freedom! hehe..two words, it is damn F.U.N and memorable.

as for now, we will ensure that we gonna meet, seat and talk about our life and future for atleast 2 times in a year! yup, she is busy with her own life and it goes the same for me. oh, btw she gonna start her job on tomorrow Monday, CONGRATS dear and GOOD LUCK ok! (~.^)

Oh, i remember one thing she said about me and my mysterious Mr. Right(who is someone i'm still waiting for~). Teha, seriously i was very touch when you showed me on how much you know me. it was extremely overwhelming and its prove that NOBODY REALLY KNOW YOU UNLESS HE/SHE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!

thus, dear Thank You so much for being my friend and Insyallah, Ukhuwah Fillah Abadan Abada..amin..jumpe lagi kat  your sis's wedding nanti yarr~ ^^

"The Best Mirror is An Old Friend" ....George Herbert


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  1. Seriously, touching ..... No word can describe my feeling when I read it... Nway, good luck to u on finding da rite path to ur future...

  2. your smile look adorable :D
    wow you have your friendship really took so long time ♥ nice

    anyway, I have Giveaway event too in my blog!
    MOST people said they are adorable, SO why don't you come and visit to see?
    Don't forget too join :)

  3. Tia Chan y bucuk! huhu..ur most welcome dear, u should know that i value my friends soo much bcoz my life would b empty without u guys! =( nway thanks 4 d prayer yar..amin..

  4. ruby n rosa-->tq dear..k i will check it soon ek ^^


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