[Photo] Katy Perry Glittering the March 2012 Interview Mag

yup, she is the The One That Got Away's Katy Perry. looking sooo different but still maintaining her delicately beautiful face plus the voluptuous curve! *envy*

these are some of the spread photos from the March 2012 issue in the Interview Magazine. featuring the gorgeous Katy Perry who is looking seriously hot and glamorous! oh, i love the burlesque concept in here which is well-blended with her look. by the way, when was Katy Perry ever looking ugly??? LOL

however, i just wanna claimed that she is also being listed in my crushes as i adore her sooooo much. she is absolutely beautiful and talented plus i'm addicted to her EVERY songs!! thus, wish your career will be forever sunshine and be strong on your controversial personal life, Katy.

*** the photos are credited to thelavalizard.com ***


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  1. Oh my! That's a very high-fashion shoot! Mmg tak cam langsung Katy Perry. Absolutely stunning photographs! Loike! :)

  2. seriously she doesnt look like Katy Perry at all kan kan kan..hahaha i knew u'll love it dear..hehehe glam!! glam!! X)

  3. seriously? she's katy perry? cantiknya..

  4. yup, she is Katy perry who always looking sooo beautiful!! ^^


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