My Job Hunting Story

yup, i've finished my studies but still need to wait for another 7 months for the convocation day! haha..but still i'm so HAPPY ma...haha. now, i'm struggling to find a good job for myself. honestly, i've been working for it via the long time ago and recently, i've successfully attended several job interviews. was really a new stage for me.

well, it just an interview lor, no job offer call yet ma..haha.. never mind the experience is much more important as saying said that..

"Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.." Oscar Wilde i realized that it is really hard to find a single job. i'm referring on the professional one! opss, please know that i'm not trying to underestimate any job yarr..its just my own interpretation of my own condition in here. hehe..paham-paham je lar~  XD

anyhow, i just got another interview call which was being helped by my dearest friend who was already an engineer in there. thanks babe! so, guys wish me LUCK and pray for my success yarr..insyAllah..amin.. ^^


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