Ohh goshhhh here is my not-so-new addiction. hahhaha..another idol group from the k-pop world. let me introduce you to the INFINITE!! please don't judge them before you're PLAYING the MV below because that was what i'm doing 2 year ago.

at first, i was ignoring this group as i judgmental them without trying to listen at them AT ALL! then, on the last year when i was incidentally watched their SUPER-DUPER AWESOME medley live performance at the Music Bank in Tokyo, now i just can't stop loving them! ("~.~)

here is the "Be Mine" in the Japanese version. oh, i prefer the Korean version more but still this MV is addicting!

omo omo..seriously i CAN'T STOP admiring the song and the dance!! and the fact that this song had successfully captured my heart for the first time i heard it and i decided to register as their DIE HARD FAN starting on that point. hahahha...infinite is extremely talented with the great vocal, great dance skills and handsome look! yep, that thing cannot be deny lor~ hahahaha..

as for this song, i'd consider this is the BEST from INFINITE and the second one should be "BTD (Before The Dawn)" and "Paradise". both are in the same place because i just can't decide on it. hahahhaa...yup, sometimes i can be sooooo greedy lor. haha..

the conclusion is INFINITE is the real-infinite!! they are infinite in singing and dancing and i'm hoping for more great songs from you guys. HWAITING!! is my oppa. SUNGGYU SARANGHAEYO, please be mine!!! ^^


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