Oh gosh!

By Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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please imagine this cuddling and xoxo with your hubby or future-hubby. caution girls, do not do this with the guy who you called as a bf! hehehe....reminder for myself as well~

Oh gosh, this is just too sweet!! seriously, i can't take my sight out of the gif. the look of both lover are so lovely. they don't need any words as they've already understood the feeling towards each other very well!

ohh..God, i don't know how to describe this but surely it is making those worms in my stomach hectically swimming in 10-speed!! haha..

now, should be end with a confession that i'm sorry guys, i'm in the mode of 'butterflies crawling in the stomach'. HAHAHHA...bear with me readers! (">.<)


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  1. again the butterflies flies away hehehe..quick take a chance and grab it dear ^^d

  2. wanie-chan-->what else should i do when im born as a girl?! hahahha...just wait n c lor X)

  3. azham-> is it d character's name of a movie? series?? ehh azham cter ape gif ni?? huhu msti sgt romantic..i'd like to watch it share it in here dear (>.<)


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