[Photo] Layang-Layang Terputus Talinya

Title :  Layang-Layang Terputus Talinya
Location :  Taman Layang-layang, Selayang.
Camera :  Canon EOS 550D

oh, I MISS YOU GUYS so much! here are some of my beloved classmates and this was taken on one day before we were being dispersed to our own path and journey. the plan was spending the very last moment together as we don't have any idea when will be the next meeting.

now, it was already a month passing by but we're still contacting with each other and busying looking for a job. charmingly, we keep in touch with each other and take a turn updating on any walk-in interview, so we can go and try our luck also-together. hehe..we're always stay positive and no envious feeling as we believe that "kalau rezeki kau, kau punyer ar, aku cari yang lain!" hahaha..its kinda similar to that LOL. haha XD

talking about the next meeting, we're planning to gather at the JobFair on this coming 31st March 2012 at the MidValley. so, then if some of you are also planning to promote your resume there, hopefully we can meet and say "hi" to each other. haha..then c ya on that day. Bye!!

by the way Thanks to the rojak-photographers for all the photo above including me. ^^


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