This is The Best Performance!

just wanted too share my local favaurite here.

seriously, i LOVE this song since its debuted long time ago and honestly, one of the main reason that excite me to watch the previous AJL 26 was due to this song! hehe..please know that its not because of Remy Ishak ok! it!

anyhow, still wanted to CONGRATS the singer here, Alyah for winning the Best Performance for the night. i should say that the voice control was superb as i hate it when she over-doing it. dear, your voice is already fabulous, just sing it naturally and ta-da that night had proved it all! freaking love it!

then, should comment a bit about the highlight of this awesome performance. haha..ABG REMY yang macho gilerr, your sudden appearance had makes me screaming out of my throat! it correct?! hahahha..whatever it is, the hugging was making all of the girls mad! haha XD

ok, thanks for reading dearest.. ^^


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