Oh My Gucci!!

Oh God, seriously i've been waiting for this and i've already missed lot of them! hmmm..when looking at the discounted price of the ugly coach there, it was still like RM300++! so, how about the latest design one LOR? haha..i don't wanna get messy with that because i'm still dying to go and watch the crazy circumstance by myself. haha..although i'm not buying any..!

ohh ohhh, my KATE SPADE and my MIU MIU! honestly, i adore those branding soooo much. hehe..but i am still unable to buy any of it as the price is not in my range yet. hahaha..well i promise to myself that i'll only buy those luxurious branding when i started earning my own income. hahaha..yup, i'm now working at .......... lor its secret! hahahha....so, do you think i should get one for myself?!?!  ("^.^)

whatever it is, just wait for the review in here. then, have a nice weekend and i'm sure this weekend gonna be a busy one for me. thus, HOW ABOUT YOU? ARE YOU PLANNING ON SOMETHING? ^^

then, my dearest readers, c ya and Daaaa...


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  1. Get them!!! Oh my Prada...!! ^^

  2. hahahhaha...i cancel the plan lah dear! xleh kuar dah ahad as i've been gone for the whole saturday, so my mom dah bising. hahahaha..sedih gak r!


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