Sweet Moments of Klaroline

the sweet invitation....Ohhhh my gentleman Klaus!! ("><)

Ohh goshhhh..look how passionate he stares at her!!! ("><) i want it! i want it!

ok, this scene is cute. he is telling her why he LIKES her!! haha..watch it by yourself dear =))

now this is as sweet as sugar!
Care: "I've never been to anywhere"
Klaus: "I'll take you. Paris, Rome or Tokyo?" =)

this note bringing some butterflies in my stomach. haha..also, need to watch by yourself sweety =)

Ohh, i LOVE his British accent especially when he said "LAOVE" ("^^) ohh..sooooo sexy!

hahahaha...love it! X)

hahahhahaha...Klaus, can you please say it to me! X)

Ohhhhhh the eyes, the stare and the...wth, is happening to me?!! (T__T)

Series : Vampire Diaries season 3
Episode : ep 14 & 15
Starring : Joseph Morgan(Klaus) & Candice Accola(Caroline)

this is an introduction for the not-a-fan of this American Tv series, The Vampire Diaries. Klaroline is actually the couple nick for the characters of Klaus and Caroline by the fandom. Well, this 'Klaroline' goes same with the 'Brangelina'! ahakkss~

OK now, the title is Ohhh My Klaus!! seriously, he was not listing in my hot vampires list but this time he'd successfully turn me on! ohh..this is the first time i saw him being sooo seductive and extremely cute because for the past episodes he was the fierce and the heartless original/hybrid!

ok, lets forget all the bad things about him and just focusing on the sweetest scenes here. seriously, i've never expected that this couple will exist as this was out of sudden when Tyler left Caroline and Klaus needs to feed this blonde vampire baby to make her stay 'alive'. then, there came a Michaelson's ball that made Klaus desperately need a partner in which HE INVITED CAROLINE TO BE HIS DANCING PARTNER by sending an extremely gorgeous dress! OHhh Goosshhhh....i'm damn envy on her!! (T__T)

 yarr yarr, i know i had to stop my addiction rambling here. now, let me conclude that I'M CRAZILY FALLING IN LOVE with NICKLAUS MICHAELSON, the most cruel original vampire!!  XD

footnote: sorry baby bruno! hehe


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