Happy Belated Birthday To Me!

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guys, it was on the last 16th March 2012 and yup, it was my born day! surprisingly, this is a late post of my own birthday..duhhh~ if you wanna know the reason of this postponed entry, it should be because nothing was special happened on that day.....

assuredly, there were hundred of wishes on my FB wall but sadly, NO CAKE or even a piece of cupcake! huhu..you are allow to cry for me readers. that was the reality when you are the lone ranger in the family and was being dispersed with your beloved babes!

OK, here is my mathematical equation of the painful big day. home+alone=highly emotional! well, i'm not writing this to expect bunch of hopeless wishes again but it just that my own interpretation of the day. hopefully, next year will be better....InsyAllah...

anyhow, here is my birthday speech. now, close your eyes and read it. haha..

Alhamdulillah...i'm still living today with a good health and wealth. yup, i'm feeling so grateful as i'm able to get what i want and eat everything that i wished for since i always remember that there are the needy who couldn't enjoy the life. Thanks Allah for all the rezeki. 

however, i always realized that i'm not a good muslim yet. i'm lack in everything, the ibadah as well as the good deeds. do please forgive me...insyAllah, i'll try my best to improve it although i kept committing bad deeds in the same time. dear God, i know that saying thing is not as easy as doing it!

hence, i just want to make a biggest wish for myself which is Ya Allah..i'm hoping a beautiful life for myself. a moderately beautiful with no pain in it...thats it. amin ya rabbal alamin.. (>.<)



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  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Semoga panjang umur n murah rezeki selalu...
    *happiness is not in the cake, but comes from the heart. ^^

  3. happy belated birthday suzai!! <3 ;)

  4. Suzaiiii... so sowy idk about this..
    Happy belated birthday, dear.. may Allah always bless you, n wish u all the best! have a blast year ahead! :D

    virtual kisses n hugs,


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