Korea Trip Day 5 SEOUL : Myeondong, Lotte World & Hard Rock Cafe Seoul

Al fatihah to Allahyarham Hamdi (on the left) who left us in last year. May his soul rest in peace amin. Seoul, Nov 2015 ;')


Eventually, im here writing on our Seoul trip including some of the expenditures involved. HAHA chukeyo Suzai! well, this couldn't be realize without the help from my travel buddy, Tia Jamaluddin. gumawuh yo. as i need to do a major throwback since this trip was back in 2015. our route was KL to Busan (click here - 1st day in Busan) then, 4D3N in Jeju (click here - 1st day in Jeju) and finally here, we spent 6D5N in the city of Seoul. basically, it was already the 5th day in total we've been in Korea yet this is the 1st day us being in Seoul, the city of  Kpop!

We departed from Jeju at 8.55 am flight by Eastar Jet (price at KRW 33,200 inclusive of 15kg check-in luggage) and took about 1 hour to reach Gimpo airport. From Gimpo airport the cheapest mode of transportation will be by subway (roughly around KRW 2,000 +/-) but if you come with too many/big luggage and don’t prefer to hustle your way through the subway (as you may need to stop and transfer line), airport bus no 6001 is another choice (KRW 10,000 +/-). Please note that airport bus only stop at few location around the city area and you may have to walk or take taxi to your accommodation.

Myeondong Street, Papero Day 11.11 and Lunch at "Yoogane Dak-Galbi"

Young Jae, our Airbnb home's host surprised us with a box of Pepero (stick biscuits coated with chocolate) upon arrival. He explained that 11 November are Pepero day which equal to valentine day in Korea. Young Jae explained that it is because number 1 (the date) look like Pepero stick. Aw so sweet!

Myeondong, the most famous place among all the ladies! undeniably, its also one of the popular tourist district which cater mid-to-high shopping retail. honestly, it’s not easy to find a shop in Myeong-dong as the lanes of shops look exactly the same and all the popular Korean skincare and cosmetics franchises (such as Nature Republic, Innisfree, Etude House etc) exist in each lane. as expected, the price is about half of the one selling in Malaysia! HAHA idk if you can imagine how much we shopped and spent just for this Kbeauty items? please don't!

the “Yoogane” restaurant signboard looking from below view
OMG seriously i miss this, seafood fried rice! cinca mashisoyo!
overlooking the end of the road, "Yoogane" restaurant is on my right!

Well, finding halal food is not easy as we are not familiar with the roads in here and google maps are not really helpful as most Korean use Naver maps. There are few in the area but it’s not within our budget, however thanks to social networking sites, there are people who suggesting that we can try “Chicken Kalbi”. Through the narrow street in Myeong-dong we able to locate one which located on the 2nd floor. yup, there are few “Yoogane” just in this Myeondong street.

As we can’t eat the meat in here, we select seafood fried rice instead. For your information, this store does not serve pork and are using margarine as the oil to cook. ours is the one closer to the massive Spao shop as in the photo above. Oh personally, im super aroused over this street. busy during a daytime and happening at night! will write a separate post for 10 things to do in Myeondong and Yoogane Restaurant Review soon!

the famous Kdrama "Stairway To Heaven" shot their scenes in here!

this ride is compulsory!
yup this one too!
got an ice-rink in this indoor section. separate cost!
played around at the 3D museum 
it was super cold at night! and we decided to go indoor and settle down haha
the closing parade HAHA but since we both have seen the splendid Disneyland's fireworks, so were kinda "krik krik" lol

Lotte World and "How you can save but still include this in your iti"!

We are both a big fan of extreme game! hehe and therefore, we are fully aware that there is another famous theme park in Korea called as Everland but since it is situated a bit far from the city, we agree to just visit this Lotte world instead. so, from Myeong-dong to Lotte World (station stop: Jamsil), it takes about 40 minutes by train. We thought there aren’t many people coming here at this hour (since we entered the park at 4pm) but it was wrong as we had to queue for almost 1 hour just to get into each ride. We only have enough time to ride few thrill rides such as Gyro Spin and Gyro Swing (sadly, Gyro Drop and Bungee are close that day). Before the clock ticking to the closing time (10pm), we managed to ride few indoor rides and even finding a good spot to watch the closing parade.

There are 2 types of entries; Not really sure what’s the difference between 1-day passport and general admission ticket though. If you are planning to get into the rides, then you have to buy the daily passport ticket either the "all day pass" or "all day pass for after 4pm". we purposely went after 4pm as we could save KRW 10,000 and bought the ticket at KRW38,000 (approx. RM150) instead of KRW 48,000 but the risk of not able to complete the whole rides are there lah. anyhow, we were fully satisfied as this pass is included both outdoor and indoor attractions and yup we played both till the place closed at 10pm!

got mine yey!!
not in the mood of partying that night as we're super exhausted HAHA

Hard Rock Cafe Seoul

As we are both a hard rock merchandises’ collector, our visit won’t be complete without a stop to this shop. to find this is quite tricky as this HRC Seoul is located in the same building as Lotte World in the Lotte World Mall. we're already super dehydrated and surely, we won't comeback to this place as we have another itinerary on the next 5 days! so, we dragged ourselves and looking for this HRC all over the mall and ended up, we asked the information counter to track it. well, i can only say that it is located on the 5th floor of Lotte World Mall. HAHA good luck guys!

Contributed by TiaJamaluddin | Written by SizzlingSuzai

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