Korea Trip Day 6 SEOUL : Postcard from Namiseom

perhaps a remake of the 'Winter Sonata' by me and Izwan! haha


Namiseom or Nami Island is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Korea and personally, this is a "bucket-list checked". attracted tourist all over the world, thanks to the hit Kdrama, Winter Sonata (2003). lot of people claim that winter is the best season to visit this 553,560 square feet island which makes me dying to revisit it during snowy time because this fall scenery already a jaw-dropping one. so, i can't imagine how does it looks and feel during frozen time!

Situated at 63km away from the city of Seoul. take approximately 1 hour plus to reach via subway and ITX train. please follow the train route (refer the Seoul Subway maps and the best is download the mobile apps beforehand as it did help us a lot!) and stop at the final station named as Gapyeong station (Gyeongchun line) and fyi this is the cheapest way to get to Nami Island. then, there are bus and taxi waiting outside of the station ready to bring you to the Gapyeong wharf a.k.a the 'jetty'. we simply took the taxi that cost us KRW 5,000 and split the bills, done lol. OK you may check this blog as he explain the "How To Get to Nami" in detail.

this wasn't scare us, this is just so mesmerizing and amazing!!
the problem when you are being the Photographer, there will be NO photo of you! :(
the bird's-eye view, stunning!

A ferry will transport you to the island but hey, spend a bit and experience an adrenaline rush by trying out this zip-wire Jara-nami skyline instead. total package is KRW 38,000 (approx. RM150) which included the skyline fare + Nami island fees + ferry ride back from island. honestly, yup its pricey but the scenic view from above is so worthy!

honestly, we're spontaneously decided for this course once we arrived as not many people were into this. so, it was hassle-free. i read that it might be closed during winter or strong wind. as in the photo, the skyline gonna stop at an unknown island which required you to ride a small ferry to reach the Nami island. Masyaallah, super nice view throughout both journeys!

Salam perantauan! haha meet my friends who was actually impromptu joining me and Tia :) 

You can rent a bicycle and imitating the scene from that phenomena Kdrama with the cost of KRW 7,000 per person or this tandem (2 seats) with KRM 14,000 for 1 hour duration. 

the famous and must-try Pan Fried Rice Cake which filled with red bean paste. KRW 1,000 each!

Halal restaurant is available and we are so 'Kaya' haha so, we ate at the Asean Cuisine for our brunch!
the compulsory photo spot on the island eventhough you have not yet finish watching the drama like me! HAHAHA
my fav shot! im praying that i will come back during winter with my loved one. amin.. :')
yup it was so hard to get "no people" at your background, so i is redha.....

Datuk Izwan ajet ajet Kpop oppa! HAHA

sibuk je awak ni! goreng nanti baru tahu!
yeppeun-da, Subhanallah :)

Undeniably, Nami island is one of the most beautiful place i've ever been! admittedly, i was not really aroused over it (at the beginning) since i thought it becomes so damn famous just because of that Kdrama LOL but this visit has changed my mind. every angle of this island is so beautiful and lovely! i'd say that famous redwood tree-lined aisle is my favourite and coming over during fall season where all the leaves are turning into orange-yellowish shade was so fascinating!

Oh bogoshipda (보고 싶어) , Namiseom :')

To be Continue.... Korea Trip Day 6 SEOUL : Rail Park


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  1. Bestnya!! Puas tengok gambar saiz besar. Wish nak pergi Korea masa autumn jugak dan naik zip line!!!


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