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Honestly, I thought that i'd meet you somewhere in the early of a year since the last 4 years! never did i expect that i am still hardly praying to God wishing that we will bump onto each other in a cafe or perhaps in the middle of any random walkaway?? never did i expect that im still writing to you instead of whispering close to your ear whilst leaning on your chest, babbling on how tired im with office workload or new gossips among my blogger buddies. huhu this kinda of chatting though in which i couldn't imagine that there is someone willing to listen to it..

hmmmm.. im exhausted, super exhausted. i know i shouldn't feel this way but as a normal girl with a fragile heart, admittedly im weak. im so sorry, dear the Al Mighty Allah for this ridiculous grumbling. i know this is all what you find BEST for me. i know and i believe it wholeheartedly but still... Oh syaitan, go to jahanam! Allah, please forgive me..

My fav playlist ever here especially the first track,
female's acoustic version of Ijinkan Aku Menyayangimu by Iwan Falls (cover by Mentari Novel)

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