AirBnb : Our Home in Jeju-Si

Anyeong HAHA this is so out of sudden! im suddenly continuing my Korea travelog here. OMG it was actually being pending since 2015! mianhae yo as i got lot of other post need to be updated first even before jump onto my personal stories. i know this is bad but im trying my best to share it no matter what. So, on Nov 7 until Nov 10, 2015, me and my travel buddy was in Jeju and stayed at this home for 3 nights. here is my humble verdict regarding on the staycation.

  • just besides the well-known Jeju Ramada Plaza Hotel
  • walking distance to Jeju-si town (lot of cafes, seafood restaurant (but with pork!), clothes and shoes shops and of course convenience store)
  • Jeju-si / Jeju city (please noted it takes another 1hr and 30mnts to Seogwipo city by bus!)
  • 10 minutes drive (by taxi) to Jeju international Airport
  • 5 minutes drive (by taxi)  to Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal

PRICE per night : 
  • €34 / MYR 162 (based on March 2017 Ringgit currency). if im not mistaken, it was below RM150 per night during our visit. huhu everything is damn expensive now!

  • Kitchen (together with cooking tools but we bring our own stuff)
  • Washing machine (washer and dryer BUT it is located at groundfloor, its sharing basis!)
  • Free WIFI
  • TV
  • Shampoo and Shower Gel (and other essentials)
  • Fridge


  • neighborhood's rooftop lol but an endless see view just outside of this building on the opposite road..

As shown above, the host responded quite fast and helpful. eventhough the solution to the toilet pump is ridiculous as she asked us to get the tools downstairs and repair it ourselves LOL and yup she didn't show up till the end of the stay. another thing is about the Washing Machine, we thought it is provided in the room but unfortunately, it is sharing basis! found downstairs and all the button is in hangul. HAHA so we spent like hour just to operate that one damn laundering! haha what a memory, thanks Google! LOL

More on the location, we were aware enough that this home is situated far away from Seogwipo but we still pick this home because our flight from Jeju to Seoul is scheduled on the early morning of Nov 10th, so our concern is more towards 'how close is the home to the airport rather than anything else' 

Honestly, one of our main transportation in Jeju is taxi as the fare is quite affordable. no fret, it is easy to get taxi outside of the house area. as i mentioned, there are plenty of restaurant at the nearest town but sadly there are all selling pork! so, we ended bought a packet of eggs at the convenience store and cook our own dish for that 4 days and 3 nights in Jeju. HAHA thanks lah menjimatkan duit weols!

Last word, a nice and simple home. very cozy and elegant as i love that spotlight so much! Not sure if this home is recommended or not ?? but i'd say it depends on your concern. if you have the same exact reason like us (finding a location closer to airport) then, the answer would be yes! if not, go and find other home in the Seogwipo city (as all attractions are located in that district!) instead of this one. hope this sharing is worthwhile. thanks for reading :)

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Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post, it is written based on my personal experience.


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