Korea Trip Day 3 JEJU : Jeongbang Waterfall, Soesokkak and Jusangjeolli Cliffs (Jeju Attractions)

Fireworks to welcome us! the view in front of our home in Jeju-si
more on our Jeju Airbnb home will be written in separate post :)

I reckon you should aware that this is the sequencing part of my Korea Trip. previously, i was talking about 2D1N in Busan. Click Me if you haven't come to it yet. so, our 2nd destination is Jeju Island and we spent 4D3N in total. we arrived at Jeju International Airport at about 7pm local time from Gimhae Airport, Busan.

After resting about 30 minutes, we went out and just strolled around Jeju City which is 15 minutes walk from our home. the attempt of looking for our late dinner failed! haha NO Halal restaurant or even Pork-free was found. hence, we just bought eggs from the convenient store and went back home and ta-da cook MEGGI MEE je lah or best known as ramyeon! hahaha

Jeju-so / jeju island map

So, the real thrill of exploring Jeju-do initiated on the next day! Please NOTED that all the mentioned attractions are located at the SEOGWIPO CITY whilst our home is in the Jeju-si or Jeju City.

We need to ride bus No. 781 from 'Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal' (in Jeju City which is a central station like the Pudu Raya or the TBS lah) to reach the Seogwipo City. the journey took about 1 hour and 30 minutes and believe me the view along the journey is indescribable breathtaking although i was sleeping like more than half of the journey! HAHA bapak mengantok weih 


This 23m high waterfall is one of the 10 most scenic wonders in Jeju. undeniably, this is one of the famous attraction in Jeju as it is the ONLY waterfall in Asia that falls directly in the ocean. so, it is compulsory to be listed in your Jeju itinerary.

How To Go? If you are coming from the Jeju City, you need to take bus No.781 at 'Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal' and Stop at Dongmun Rotary (Seogwipo City). you will instantly can see that signboard on the roadside (or perhaps ask the local yar!) but please don't get too excited as you need to walk like another 20 minutes because the entrance gate is like another 1km from this Dongmun Rotary stop! hahaha seriously, it was no joke! hence, just take a taxi to cut your time and save energy. no fret as taxi fare in Jeju can be considered as cheap. 1km may cost you about 3,000 won ?? please don't convert to MYR haha

Duration? 1 hour to take photo and rejoice the tranquility moment

Fare? 2,000 won (Adults) | 1,000 won (Children) 

serius macam painting, its a jaw dropping scenic view!
"Teu" the unique traditional flat wooden boat able to carry atleast 20 people in one time
my "aegyo" pose for my beloved readers! haha
we're both enjoying this clear canoe, a very nice moment :)
see see Teha tangkap feeling lebeh! haha
korean love to play this susun susun batu kan hehe
overlooking view of the Hahyo Port (lighthouse) at the Seosokkak Beach

SOESOKKAK ESTUARY (Crystal Kayaking / "Teu" Ride)

I saw this place on KBS show long time ago. i was so mesmerize over the turquoise lagoon and to my surprise, the real picture is undeniably picturesque! it is not as big as i thought, it just a small slow flowing river in between the valley that meets the ocean.

You can expect a super beautiful scenic which feels very calm and peaceful. there is a traditional riding called as "Teu" or Flat Wooden Boats that used to transport people across the estuary hundred years ago. i was actually dying to experience this ride but eventually, we opted for the canoe as it is more freedom (can paddle anywhere we want haha) and it is more privacy to take good photo. well, you are highly recommended to visit this place :)

How To Go? 
Opt 1 : as it is only like 30 minutes from Jeonbang Waterfall, we just ride a taxi!
Opt 2 : from Seogwipo area, take bus 110 and get off at Hyodon Middle School. It takes another 20 minutes of walking to reach the entrance

Duration? 1 hour and 30 minutes for the ride.

perhaps, you can plan to have your lunch stop as there are cafes, convenient store and picnic tables in here. we packed our lunch that we cook at home beforehand, lauk sardin bak hang, nikmat!
its quite tricky to find this ticket counter lol. situated at the same row of the shop on your right, if im not mistaken, its at the same area of the horse park? lol or just ask the local as we did. haha good luck!

Fare? NO entrance fee but need to pay for the activity (3 options)

1) "Teu" or Flat wooden boat - 6,000 won (Adults) | 3,000 won (children)
2) Crystal canoeing / kayaking - 15,000 won (for 2 pax)
3) Floating bike - 7,000 won (Adults) | 5,000 won (children)

More info? Click here

with Malaysian chingu ah. they are so friendly and they were very surprised that it was only two of us and we chose backpacking instead of tour guided.hehe we enjoy that way, please say hi if you happened to see your face in here yar! haha 
the 'face' of Jeju. you can stroll around the park and take more more photos! lol oh there are public restroom to settle your nature calling hahaha


This attraction is listed as one of the Jeju landmark. The Jusangjeolli are stone pillars piled up along the coast and is a designated cultural monument of Jejudo Island. The Jusangjeolli was formed when the lava from Hallasan Mountain erupted into the sea of Jungmun. They are rock pillars shaped like cubes or hexagons of various sizes. its very unique!

remember that we're coming from Seosokkak and Hyoryegyo Bridge bus station happened to be the nearest one, 20 minutes walk from Seosokkak estuary gate (totally based on Mr Google and Ms Google Maps!) ride on the bus No. 110 and you can rest the feets for that 1 hour and half!
please be as surprised as us, the cliffs is behind that ICC Jeju building! lol so just find a way to reach the back yar because our bus stop here like lol again!

How To Go? 
Opt 1 : Based on our iti, get BUS No. 110 to reach Jusangjeolli entrance / ICC building. journey take 1 hour and half from Seosokkak. please properly arrange your journey as the gate closed at 6pm!
Opt 2 : Take Airport Limousine Bus No. 600 and get off at International Convention Center (ICC Jeju) Bus Stop. journey take about 50 minutes from airport.
Opt 3 : haha just ask the taxi driver send you to Jusangjeolli Cliffs, habis cerita!

Duration? 1 hour and 30 minutes. Again noted that it is Closed at 6pm!

Fare? 2,000 won (Adults) | 1,000 won (Children) 

OK im super tired now!! 3:30am and tomorrow is working, further inquiry please don't hesitate to comment yar. will try my best to answer or share my experience. sorry for the overloaded photos, im trying my best to describe each of the details because we did find difficulties throughout this journey. hope the best for you guys! huhu thanks a lot for reading and



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  1. Suzaaaaiii, I'm so envy!! Maybe we should plan a journey to South Korea in the end of the year XD I really want to join your trip, take me wherever you go!
    The views so breathtaking! ♥

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  2. wahh bestnya..bila lah Ynaie lak nak gi Korea ni huhu

  3. scrolling down and up again~ still not satisfied with one glance of the photos!


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