Beauty : Unboxing ALTHEA Birthday Box

Anyeong haseyo :)

Yey im gonna ramble a bit about my latest beauty haul! honestly, i received this ALTHEA box on last few months yet i kept on pending on the sharing. so sorry gals as i always need a longer times when it comes about makeup and skincare since im more comfortable to wear it for quite sometimes before jumping onto the review. mianhae yo as i will only talk about some of the items yar.

OK lets do the unboxing!

All items are available on ALTHEA (based on stock availability ok!)

Elizavecca Skin Liar Primer - RM23
Nella Aura Highlighter 2.5g (Pink Pearl) - RM28
3CE Pink Rumour Dangerous Matte Lip Color (Tell The Truth) - RM63
The Style 4D Mascara - RM16
Etude House PLAY 101 Stick Contour Duo - RM48

3CE Pink Rumour Dangerous Matte Lip Color (Tell The Truth) - RM63

honestly, im so much drooling over the packaging, 3CE collection always look so cool! Yep im so much anticipated over getting and trying this lippie. i chose this sweet pink since i dont have any lipsticks in this shade before. its powdery finish, oil-free look and the texture its truly matte! you even need to glide some lips balm beforehand (as advised by dearest friends) so that it easier to glide the lippie and perhaps nicer finishing. my only problem is when i've done eating, i wanna reapply but it became too dry already, so it hard to mix with the previous one. overall, OK lah but i don't think i wanna get the other shade lol

Nella Aura Highlighter 2.5g (Pink Pearl) - RM28

This is the 'funniest' item among all! haha i didnt expect that it would be this tiny though. dont know if i was the one who fail to find the size of packaging beforehand? when i got it, it is like my thumbnail's size which honestly, it hurts me. lol. moreover, the attached sponge doesn't really work well when the highlighter fail to come out from the bottle although ive removed the cover inside it.

This is the pinkish shade which another colour available is silver. i chose pink since im thinking it will be well-blended with my blusher and doesn't really overpowering. HOWEVER, i love the glowing effect of the powder which i finally applied it just using my finger tips (yup instead of the sponge!) coz the fact that i feel it wasted on the sponge lol 

Etude House PLAY 101 Stick Contour Duo - RM48

I bet lot of you have already familiar with this new not-so-new invention by Etude house right? hence, im so eager to give it a try too. I dont have the option to choose as this is the only shade that they provided during my purchase. perhaps you may check the web now as i know etude house are giving another options. said to be convenient as 1 side is for contouring and another side is a highlighter. 2 in 1, who doesn't love that? anyhow, the contouring is not working on me lah as the shade is similar with my skin colour! but hey, the highlighter works well as my brow enhancer, haha i just love that part! based on the etude web they have 2 options, hmmm they seriously need to come out with more shades though Asian's skin tones are not all pale like Korean LOL

Go and check ALTHEA for more products and details!

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  1. Wahhhh! Good start akak. boleh dah contouring lepas ni.. Pika pun ada yang Etude House Duo Contour tuuu..


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