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Alhamdulillah. Throwback on the most beautiful morning i've ever had whilst sipping on my morning coffee! hehe on the previous 29th December 2016, my article on the previous trip to Dublin and Cliffs Of Moher in Ireland has been featured in Kosmo newspaper. this "Percutianku" is a special column for those travel addicts where the author shared their experiences and tips of the whole journey. please be informed, its not everyday, its only on Every Thursday!

Thanks a lot Kosmo, thanks a lot Dayah for giving me this chance to be featured as sharing on my trip is one of the best thing that i'd always love to do and i'd continuously doing! yey not to forget, thanks to all my lovely family members, friends and followers for the infinite supports! i LOVE you guys!! Here the blogpost and more photos from the trip

Europe Trip : Dublin City
Europe Trip : Cliffs of Moher


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  1. Tahniah Kak jujai! never been to Dublin yet tapi InshaaAllah ada rezeki why not right. Hehehe..

  2. Hey Suzai! After MudKL night and Instagram, now we finally meet here!

    Good job article featured in one of our local newspaper. Hebat!

    I'm now one of your blog followers.

    Best regards,

  3. hmm bila la dapat merasa masuk paper :(


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