Score Run 2017 : Conquer the urban jungle!

SCORE Run 2017 returns to the city!

Hey I've a new interest, HAHA believe it as it is RUNNING! if you are my IG followers, i bet you have seen the sharing in which i've been joining few runs, so far to be counted, 3 events. hehe and im super proud of it! so, here might be the fourth one, upcoming event in April 2017, the Score Run is back!

It’s man versus city. Kick off at the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s golden triangle, BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE and stop at nothing to conquer the urban jungle. Run under the shade of towering skyscrapers and world-class hotels and be in awe as the city comes alive. With an expected 12,000 runners from these 9 categories, SCORE RUN is set to be one of the best running events of the year.


The secret to a successful event is really no big secret. It all boils down to how much your participants enjoyed the experience you create. At SCORE, it comes down to the three S.
Smooth. From registration, to entry pack collection, to the event proper and subsequent proceedings, we ensure the delivery of a smooth and seamless experience. We take care of the nitty-gritty, so that your event experience with SCORE will be pleasant journey from end to end.
Safe. Appreciate that mishaps can often occur, which is why our events take into consideration the safety and security of participants as well as our crew. We anticipate everything that could potentially go south, and work towards ensuring that it doesn't.
Sexy. This is the final S-factor, the little creative extras that differentiates a SCORE event from any other. From exciting event concepts, impressive buildups, top-notch event merchandise designed by award-winning designers, we conceive our events to look good in your photos, your social media posts and collection of event collateral. 
Register now CLICK HERE and Sign up now to also get your t-shirt with your personalized name on it! For more info on the run, you may log in to

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