Reflection of 2016 and Hello 2017!

BYE 2016!

Assalamualaikum Today is already 28th of February as im writing this entry LOL as usual, the reflection of a year always unsettled as it demands for some flashbacks, future aims and lot of emotion involved which eventually becoming a pending post. huh another LOL


Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for continuously rewarding me with good health, good wealth and beautiful family members (although we fought a lot! lol) especially that two much beloved kids, Si Abang Ayid and Si Acin Bubu! undeniably, their existence bringing so much joys and happiness to our little family. Semoga aunty cepat-cepat boleh bagi korang cousin yar boleh main sama-sama time balik raya nanti! amin.. :')

LOVE. the most exciting yet the most traumatic topic that usually being discussed among us, the single ladies left LOL Allah knows better right? the quote that never fail to motivate and to encourage me to be happy with what i have now and keep on believing that it is not yet my time.. well, not really comfortable to talk about this in public but hey, previous 'experiences' do change my perception of a guy and commitment. hmmm... NEXT!

Yup, its hard, truthfully its not as easy as what you see but with the loves and positive vibes gained from my beloved buddies, i know i can get through this! thanks Makcik Syafiqah, Makcik Farhin, Makcik WanieChan, Makcik Farah, Makcik WanieNuget and lot of other names that i fail to list them in here. i am tremendously feeling so grateful for having such kind and sincere friends who are always with me, either good or bad! Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for letting me be in this circle of beautiful people :')


You should know by now that im not a full-time blogger in which i've mentioned, that i am white collar from 9pm to 6pm. so, 2016 started with some drama! HAHA i was deciding to resign and finally made up my mind to move to a new environment but it was rejected by my current boss! HAHA he countered offer me to stay and guess what? i accept it, i stay, being promoted to a senior level, of course with some increasing number in the monthly wages (Alhamdulillah), busier than before, i travel more frequent, meeting clients from one state to another state in which i do enjoy it so much! and boss is still the kindhearted boss, so yey im happy!

Assuredly, im always looking forward to be in more challenging atmosphere instead of this current field, civil and construction. well, again im not really comfortable to talk about my 'real' job in here but i always anticipated to share it with you guys, insyAllah one day.


Well, sometimes you really need to keep thing by yourself no matter how happy and how boastful it is. Alhamdulillah, Thanks Allah for all the rizq and sustenance which He had provided to me. OK i have this confession in which im dying to visit Mecca and Medina (as in doing the umrah) but i've one obstacle that prevented me to make it happen at this moment but i believe that Allah will grant my wish sooner or later..insyAllah.

Umar said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, ‘If you were to rely on Allah as He should be relied on, He would provide for you as He provides for the birds. They go out early in the morning hungry and return in the evening full.’
Narrated by at-Tirmidhi and he said, Hadith Hassan

Means that..  Allah never failed you, always trust in Him!


So, this part is just another branch of self-indulgence. basically, i have this aim of traveling to atleast 3 countries in a year in and mission is successfully accomplished for the last 2 years! initiated 2016 with a visit to 3 countries in the Europe continent that making the total of 5 countries, i've visited in the year of 2016. yey!

February 2016 - London, Amsterdam & Paris

This is my 2nd Europe Trip. honestly, i've never expected that i'll comeback to London and Paris that fast! but again, Allah The Al Mighty and The Best Providers of Sustenance, He gives me this opportunity of bringing my mom to this foreign land (which are also my fav countries!) and i could never ask for more. HAHA but sorry the travelogue is still pending! you may just click here for my 1st Europe trip.

September 2016 - Phuket

As annually scheduled, this vacation is a company trip. previously, it was to Chiangmai, then to Bali and in the year of 2016 was a so-called rejoicing the beach life. HAHA my boss's mission is a total failure! OMG how on earth you gonna see Phuket when the hotel was at the middle of the city which requiring you to walk for about 10 to 15 minutes to the beach? thats explaining why i always go for a backpacking instead of travel agency lol HAHA anyhow, this is a zero-cost vacation, whats to complain about ah moy? just relax and enjoy the trip! haha thanks boss, you are still the best!

October 2016 - Cambodia

So, me and my travel buddy, Makcik Tia mutually agree to end our 2016 with a backpacking trip to one of the hot spot among the travelers, Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap. this trip is such an eye opener, it was different from other countries that we visited before. seriously, i can't wait to share the beauty of those Angkor Wat and the dreadful history of Khmer regime with you! HAHA obviously im sorry the travelogue is still pending.


Sometimes i wonder, why do i blog? why did i put myself on such a suffocating situation where i have sleepless nights? why i messed up myself figuring the best outfit to wear at those event? why i struggled myself rushing from my real job to those events? drowning in that hectic and crazy traffic of KL? OMG it was always super tiring and stressful! no lie! but then why??

I guess the best answer is PASSION! and when it is being appreciated and being loved, you'd keep on enjoying it and you just gonna work harder! the blogging scene started a bit slow early of the year but then one-by-one opportunity of collaboration and featured coming knocking the door in which im very thankful to that.


So, i've been featured in Utusan Malaysia (local newspaper), Kosmo (local newspaper), Hijabista Magazine, Zahara.Com and also the RTM Malaysia for a TV show named as Walla TV. OMG what a year??? i've never realized that it has been a great year for me and this humble blog until im listing them all! seriously this much?! LOL Alhamdulillah.. for this numerous recognition!

HELLO 2017

Not saying that im so aroused over the changing of a year because the fact that my age is increasing is distracting me so much! HAHA sorry, its a girl thing! hence, 2017 is just another year of being a better muslimah, gearing up my 'ibadah sunnah' huhu in which im lacking of it since i've been too busy with my duniawi routine huhu, working harder, keep enjoying the singlehood, do lot of saving! means that less traveling and shopping! (err my biggest fear lol) and continuously praying and then, waiting....

Lastly, a high gratitude to all of you my dear family members, friends, followers and readers who are being the backbone of this humble page "What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai?" never did i imagine that this silly page can be as enormous as this! thanks a lot for the constant supports and loves! well, Hello 2017, im so ready to keep on rocking! :')

Photographed by SyazwaniChan


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