Ellie Saab SS17 #ParisCoutureWeek #SS17

Sparkling and lavishly glamorous are Ellie Saab's forever signature but based on the Olivia Palermo's defines that this collection is actually refreshingly free from Saab's usual heavy embellishment. 

"This season Saab presented a flattering, streamlined shape that highlighted the true natural waist, and often accented such looks with a bejeweled belt. This effective choice made legs look endless and served to recall the silhouette of his 1950s starlet muse. We especially loved the glamorous sunglasses and headbands.  Also appreciated was the graceful movement of fabrics that seemed to influence each look. Even when showing pants, they were paired with a feather-trimmed cape or a silky train, for example." Olivia Palermo

To my opinion, im so much aroused over the semi-sheer fabrics used, its so seductive and inviting. besides, the detailing of the beading which they are strategically and artistically being placed at certain area as to emphasize the women's silhouette. too perfect! i died. lol

Courtesy of Vogue


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