Breakfast at Papparich for ONLY RM8.88

"The best food, it is said, is always made with love"

Morning! Yup you heard it, for ONLY RM8.88 you can now enjoy a splendid breakfast at Papparich! well, undeniably breakfast is one of the main meal for all Malaysian, boastfully we're having 3 main meals in a day right? haha what a healthy life! 

Papparich is best known as a dining serves Malaysian traditional flavours of Malay, Chinese as well as Indian cuisine to cater one's appetite! With over 80 outlets in Malaysia and another 30 worldwide today, Papparich continue to move forward and deliver authentic local favorites globally.

Nah, as said with ONLY RM8.88 you can get a set of breakfast which include 1 main course plus 1 beverage, check out the offers below

Main Course
Nasi Lemak Biasa
Roti Stim with Butter + Kaya (1 slice) with Half-Boiled Egg (2 Eggs)
Hainan Toast with Butter + Kaya with Half Boiled Egg (2 Eggs)
Mini Porridge
Springy Noodles with Fish Cake Slices

Coffee (Hot/Iced)
Cham (Hot/Iced)
Teh Tarik (Hot)
Teh (Iced)

Roti Stim with Butter + Kaya
Soft, light roti complemented with a generous helping of butter and kaya fits the bill! Just to make things better, this set also comes with perfectly half boiled eggs

Hainan Toast with Butter + Kaya
Two slices of our well-toasted, fluffy roti. Coated with a generous spread of Kaya and a right touch of rich buttery finish, two is never quite enough

Mini Porridge
Mini but Not-so-mini! What’s not to love especially when it’s oil free and low in calories! Ideal when you’re craving for some comfort food minus the guilt

Nasi Lemak Biasa
Nasi Lemak the unofficial national dish of Malaysia right? Well we don’t know for sure but we do know this one features fluffy coconut infused rice, fried anchovies & peanuts for crunch, boiled egg and fresh cucumber slices

Pappa Curry Laksa Special
High recommended! This hot little number comes in a bowl of supreme curry goodness! Made exclusively with our steamed chicken, fish cake, fresh cockles, tau fu pok and foo chok and aromatic Curry Laksa gravy. It’s one heck of a dish!

Springy Noodles with Fish Cake Slices
Morning blues? Warm up with a soothing bowl of delicious broth of springy noodles with toothsome fishcake slices and a sunny side up

Well let me just highlight few dishes here as i bet, lot of you have already familiar with Papparich menu right? so, fyi Roti stim with butter and kaya is my all-time favorite whenever i go and dining in Papparich. the roti is definitely soft and tender! and to your surprise, this is my first time tasted out their famous 'Mee Curry' shame on me as it is really scrumptious, the curry soup is thick enough for you to until licking the bowl LOL and yup, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! seriously, go and try it, it was as good as my mom's LOL (P/s don't tell her tho! haha)

the foodies, meet Baz, Syafiqah and Yours truly!

one will fully charged with this Koay Teow Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion!

OMG i love these buddies; fried dumpling and that crispy fried chicken wings!

collaborating with Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake and my fav is non other than that Orea Cheesecake!

chillax with their chef's recommended desserts, Egg Pudding with Sago or Sago with Gula Melaka!

beautiful people; Angie, Kelvin, super-nice Aunty!, Sabrina, Piqa and Baz

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai for What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai?
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