Rihanna for Christian Dior Secret Garden IV Versailles Campaign

photo courtesy of E!

I think, to be acknowledged by Dior is just... 
it means a lot as a woman to feel beautiful, and elegant, and timeless." Rihanna

Announcing Rihanna (the first black woman to be highlighted!) as the new ambassador for Dior on the last March has finally came out with the 1st Secret Garden campaign ads (is it a saga? means another sequence ep will be reveled soon?) it was shot inside the glamorous Palace of Versailles, Paris where featuring her and the lavish bags in the sexiest dresses and moves ever. goshh i was like drooling over the dresses and make up more than the items LOL my utmost liking would be the second dress in the vid, the glimmering silver gown which is super stunning! watch the FULL vid, then later you will get it hehe

Gosh i love this concept of mysterious and glamorous although a bit creepy with the sound and acts LOL. location is more than perfect. Oh that Hall of Mirrors is definitely one of my bucket-list yet i failed getting into it when i was in Paris because again, time constraint is the only obstacle. yup i was not visiting this palace!! what a serious waste huh?!

OK back to the brand story. honestly, i don't own any Dior yet. well, not that i dont fancy it, it just that the price tag is still beyond my competence! huhu though its no doubt that this high fashion branding is always alluring to my sight. moreover, Rihanna is one my fashion mogul (besides the Ms Lively of course!) whom i am unfailingly tracking her fashion updates. then, Paris is always gonna be my favourite city although being in that place on the last year trip is still not enough! Oh please, i wanna be in Paris again... btw Oh i LOVE RiRi so much, you go gal!

More advertorial shot in here


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