Look #186 - Pret-A-Porter

HM Shirt / Unbranded Tutu Skirt / F21 Ring / Mango Belt / Clutch from Indonesia

Salam and i'm still missing my late grandma. Al Fatihah..  :')

Indeed, we should moving on right? Just another rambling on my #ootd details for the previous Arata Fashion Show which the FULL story is in here. Oh these shots are incredibly awesome! two main reasons should being mentioned; the photographer (of course!) my lovely friend, ZayyZainuddin thanks a lot dearest, muuuahhh! and the second would be that perfect lighting used for that runway. Oh thanks to my shameless effort of climbing up the stage to shoot this ootd while other people who are actually still there were staring cluelessly LOL well, i guess it paid!

Truthfully, everything is already being worn and featured in here yet i have never done mixing 'n matching both items. the shirt is being worn as an outerwear and being tucked underneath the maxi tutu skirt. so, another idea on how to deck your tutu skirt, i guess? i rarely clutching my waist in which i should have done it often since it helps to highlight that area and giving 'that' slimming effect. idk, i just don't fancy it a.k.a rimas! anyhow, that night i need it as to cover the line between the skirt and the shirt. so that, it beautify this whole look. thanks though it is actually a bit bigger for me LOL

Another thing that i love about these shots is my makeup! it stands out stunningly in the photo and well-blended with the whole look. well honestly, i am very good at creating the smoky eyes (ONLY!) and thankfully, i found that it suits me perfectly. thankk gaaaadddd! i've been actually so aroused to share on 'How i do my makeup' kinda post HAHA but too lazy to write. ya'll know that im NO a beauty blogger huh. not promising but will do. wait ah!

Photographed by @ZayyZainuddin and Edited by @SizzlingSuzai


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  1. Al-Fatihah, semoga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan org2 yg beriman...be strong Suzai!

    Alyza Fisol


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