XIXILI Bra Fitting Party with Majalah Hijabista

finally met Kak Diya from pinkymommy and my dear Yaya from yayaflanella :)

09.06.15 | XIXILI Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

I was rushing to the event soon after i finished a meeting which explaining my ugly and messy look above! LOL well don't really care about that yet the main point is i missed the fun part of the itinerary, the Bra Fitting session! and i heard that there was also a Zumba session?? Wow! still high gratitude to Kak Suzie from the Hijabista Magazine and all the crews for inviting me and im really sorry for not able to cover the whole event.  insyAllah on the next time perhaps? :)

Anyhow, girls please follow them for constant updates because this event was actually open to all (the first come first served!) so, to not missing further any of their activities and news, here

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