Breena Beauty Luxe Makeup Brush by A Malaysia BeautyBlogger

Irresistible softness, Cruelty free and Multi-purpose Brush, Introducing the Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush RM45

Oh first of all, i am falling in love with the packaging, the design and the warm welcoming which personally wrote by the owner. thanks babe for the thoughtful words! insyAllah will ensure the fashion obsession keep on sparkling lol haha. so, everything about this cutie is indeed very sweet and absolutely luxe. i cant help to fancy anything that comes with a little touch of gold. so, this cutie already own a half of my heart!

Undeniably, that synthetic bristles is soft but still very firm which makes it easy to dust my face powder on the skin yet i've never try applying the liquid foundation with it. will try to do so as the web mentioned that this brush is a multitasking one, works best for both powder and liquid type. another feature that i love is that long handled because i have already own a short kabuki brush. so this new member adding a number to my 'limited' makeup brush collection hehe



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