My New SWATCH is via Swatch Online Store ??

I was not a collector before yet recently i found out that i need certain watch to match certain outfit. if you aware enough that my one-and-only-most-beloved watch is the Samsung Gear, a smart watch which connected with my phone. did i said that i need to daily changing the battery?? hence, that would be the valid reason of me getting a new one and while i was looking for it, an email comes knocking the door announcing that i am one of the winner for SWATCH X TAP by Seeties !!! yeahhoooooo and the excitement wider as i could pick my own design via the SWATCH ONLINE STORE via

Once you bumped onto the homepage, you will sure gonna be distracted by the splendid designs and collections displayed. worry not as the page is definitely a friendly user as you could see the SEARCH BY button at the very top part right? seriously, it helps a lot! they classify the into several category and my main aim was on the colour choice which is Bright Yellow. haha noted that i am quite a determined one especially on selecting something that i will wear on myself. tsk!

Option 1 : So, i was being dragged onto this cutie. it is definitely screaming me! My favourite hue, Scuba collection which can go over 20m (as mentioned by the salesperson in 1Utama) yet mission is fail because its Out Of Stock. goshhhh then, there go the non-stop confusion!   ='(

Option 2: Chrono and Glow checked! yet its a dark colour. mine now is all BLACK. so, to add another black is like making no different to the collection ='(

Option 3: Bright hue, waterproof and sleek leather type checked! i love this design because it looks very sophisticated yet waterproof function would be a bit helpless since the leather might easy to get dirt or effected after quite sometimes ='(

Option 4: Bright hue, Chrono, Glow, Quartz, Waterproof, Rubber are all checked! regardless the white colour coz i have already owned a black one. so, a contrast would be better. hence, it demands for an extra care ;')

Ensure your order and details are correct upon checkout.

Payment method as shown. fyi if you want to use CREDIT CARD, please select on PayPal then, an option of VISA / MASTERCARD / etc. i was opting for Maybank2u and as easy as ABC ta-da

MY ORDER is confirm. and the item only took 1 day to reach my place! Awesome giler! well loads of love go to SWATCH Malaysia and TAP by Seeties. i love my new SWATCH to the max! :) | #swatch | #TAP |  #seeties


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  1. Suzai, i tgh plan nak beli jam ni :) hehehe thank you for your good suggestion! heheheeee

  2. Bestnya! Dan mudah sangat dah sekarang :)


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