ME’NATE Steak Hub Ramadhan Preview

Chef Mustafa (three from left) with his boastful chefs and crews daughter and sons! :)

 Setapak | Wangsa Maju | Ampang

Well, i guess we have enough of fashion show since it is already a holy month of Ramadhan. hehe yet im still pending on few blogposts which i will try my best to finish it on this weekend! Anyhow, i was being invited to this Ramadhan Media Preview at Me'nate Steak Hub on the last week. specialise in steak cuisine (as the name mentioned!) promise to serve a different 'Iftar' for you and the beloved one. Me'nate Steak Hub, owned by our proud Malaysian and exclusively runs by Chef Mustafa's family starting from the Master Butcher Chef himself to the Head Chef to the accountant and even the PR. real impressive huh?! and yup, 100% assuredly Halal 

The menu. several Sets which might confuse you. haha hence lets the photo do the talking!  
SET A - 1 piece for each Angus, Beef Ribs and Lamb Ribs + Pasta +  Mix Salad + Mix Fruits + Soup of the day + Rice of the day + Drink 
(please noted that photos shown for 4 pax)
SET B - 1 piece for each Lamb Shank, Lamb Rack, Lamb Ribs and Lamb Shabu + Pasta +  Mix Salad + Mix Fruits + Soup of the day + Rice of the day + Drink 
(please noted that photos shown for 4 pax)
SET C - Seafood + complimentary
SET Heavenly Lamb - Lamb Shoulder + Briyani Rice +  Mix Salad + Mix Fruits + Soup of the day + Drink recommended for 4-6 pax
SET Heavenly Beef - Crackling Roast Beef + Briyani Rice +  Mix Salad + Mix Fruits + Soup of the day + Drink recommended for 4-6 pax
Chef Mustafa in action! 
Goshhhhh salivating to the max! even i yang type ni pon melelelelelelellehhh *nanges*
Olio Aglio Pasta. well they purposely made it a bit tasteless (to my own tastebuds) yet im liking it because then only it could well-blended with all the perfectly grilled steak!
the taster haha me with BroFramstone and KakRuby :)
perfect! juicy to the max and well see that lamb's fat. berlemak tak terhingga!
complimentary of the day, Bubur Lambuk

GROUP STEAK (Minimum order is 2 pax)

Set A - RM75/pax
Set B - RM75/pax
Set C - RM100/pax (Seafood)
Set D - RM150/pax (dedicated to the 'Wagyu Steak' fan)

please proceed with my buddy page here to see the REAL look of one set IsaacTan

Then, if you come by 4 to infinite number or else your guys shared the same interest such as Lamb. obviously, the Heavenly Lamb would be a better choice as please don't hesitate on the portion. assuredly, it worth your Ringgit Malaysia and enough to satisfy everybody's appetite! 

the signboard outside of Setapak's franchise (just in front of KL Festival City) 
the simple and clean interior
this is the Me'nate Setapak's franchise
haha never that i know that 1 piece can go up to this cost! Wow hence ensuring  high quality steak is their aim :) *peluh*
my lovely blogger buddies. till then gals! haha sorry all the boys were outta frame LOL X)

Peeps, this RAMADHAN Special Promo is on-going ONLY THROUGHOUT this 30 days of Ramadhan yar. so, hurry up and make your way to one of that 3 franchises. Undeniably, the steak is more than scrumptious which make you drooling whenever the taste comes to mind. hahha macam sekarang ni as when i was looking back at those photos, i am like regretting for not eating more than i had LOL HAHA tamak giler, Anyhow, Thanks a lot Me'nate for the chance. yup steak especially Lamb is my forever favourite and InsyAllah will make my visit again sooner or later.

For Inquiry 012-9051517 or 011-12838749 | Facebook@MenateSteakHub | Instagram@MenateSteakHub


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  1. Puas hati kalau dapt rasa sekali wangyu tu..hehe

  2. Wagyu is the best part. harga membunuh...


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