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Woot! Woot! Air Asia FREE SEAT is making a comeback! and hey tomorrow would be your last chance to grab! hurry up traveler, book your seat and just fly. wait, kinda lost on where to head to on this time? fret not as let me hint you with some exciting idea. how about thinking on Must-Do Festival in 2016? imagine loosing yourself in the middle of crowd in Bangkok for Songkran Festival? or admiring the Sinulog trade in Cebu of Philippine? or go a bit further to Mumbai for the colourful Holi festive? and hey i'm freaking dying to be in Sydney, Australia for VIVID Sydney Festival !!

stunning photo courtesy of here
Photo via here and courtesy of the owner

VIVID Sydney Festival ?? annually reported to happen since the past 6 years. initiated by the Smart Light festival back in 2009 when light painting being projected onto both sides of the iconic Opera House. then, the coverage becoming wider and wider where immersive light installations and grand-scale projections lighting up the whole Sydney!

FYI Vivid Sydney is divided into Light, Music and Idea. schedule to happen during May to June for 18 days of magical nights. places involved Sydney Opera House, Walsh Bay, Circular Quay, The Rocks, North Sydney, Darling Habour, The Star and Martin Place. still hesitate? watch this

Jaw dropping huh? more details here Hence, Why Should I Fly to Sydney and Rejoice this world-ranking festival?

1) this is assuredly a bucket list for all the art lovers! Vivid Sydney is a world's largest outdoor Art gallery. over 1.7 million attendees for 2015 event!

2) hey, and its FREE! (no admission fees as they are all outdoors!)

4) seeing those photos above arousing me to witness them with my naked eyes and feel the atmosphere of being in the wonderland of 'light art' sculptures for real. well, surely it will be 'once in a lifetime' kinda experience.

5) now, as a photography lover who always dragging her DSLR at anywhere she goes, this festival is a must! i can imagine myself non-stop snapping the camera and ended up with thousands of shots.

6) undeniably, i can't live without music. Music is my life! cliche? haha its totally truth because this fact of Vivid Sydney Music 2015 excite me so much; 70 bands and 382 musicians for 1,502 hours of programmed music!

7) Australia especially Sydney is utterly my next list after done with London and Paris!

8) i'm indeed a FUN person who considering myself as a festivalgoer. Songkran in Krabi, checked!

9) Happening during May-June, its a winter time in Sydney where average temperature is plus-minus 20 degree. yeahhhh i love cold places!

10) apart of the excitement, haha i guess this one need to do with my engineering background. Oh i'm so impressed with this enormous results. so,  i'm dying to see the BTS of it like how they engineer the projection? where the power are coming from? how much Kilowatts they actually generated for each night? and hey, how big is the projector to colour the Opera House alone?? LOL

Gosh, the list is actually countless. well, one needs no reason to be in Sydney and admiring the Vivid Sydney festival because it looks incredibly Awesome! wait for my turn then :)

my Songkran moment in Krabi! gosh pardon the ugly facial expression there lol
a little celebration in Guangzhou. lights excite me very much
A Music lover traveled all the way to Singapore just to meet GDragon!

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  1. I miss Sydney very much! And yes, if given chance, would love to go back for Vivid Sydney too! <3

  2. wahhhh lucky you! ne never yet being in Aus lorh

  3. GD! He's so talented <3
    Their comeback songs are good these year too.
    Although the last I see them on Big Bang Alive KL


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