Europe Trip: St Stephen's Green Park (Part 2)

ada merpati merpati sekitar kakiku baru lah feeling oversea! LOL
itik itik pon gorgeous! (>.<)

Continuing the Dublin photo diary Part 1, this 2nd version is displaying bunch of the photos taken just in the park LOL. haha sorry as i was super excited being around the autumn ambiance which obviously it was my very first time experiencing the season. freaking loving the yellowish leaves all over the places and yeahhh the weather too! during this visit, it was actually 2pm or 3pm yet it was so cold! as shown through the 3 layers outfit and the gloves on the hand, i am no joking! temperature is approximately 12 degree and it was so so comfortable strolling around this park. 

Well, St Stephen's Green Park is located just in front of Stephen's Green Shopping Centre and adjacent to one of Dublin main shopping street, Grafton street. can also be reached via the tram station named Stephen's Green. haha hey, you can even got the free wifi access at the entrance area, awesome giler! LOL one of the best thing about Dublin is NICE people, clean and simple city and hell yeahhhh the FREE wifi is everywhere! hahaha we are so so impressed. 

Thanks for visiting and reading. please wait for the very last part of my Europe Trip very soon yar whilst in the midst of time, here the previous Part 1 of Dublin travelog. Have a nice day peeps! :)

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai and FarahYusuf


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