[Trailer] BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR MADE Live in Malaysia (Updated)

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Date : 25th July 2015
Venue : Stadium Putra Indoor

Well it has been sooooo long that i haven't ramble on my KPOP addiction LOL haha..well, the fever is always boiling up in here and never yet the temperature descends especially on those Monday nights! haha fyi i'm following the Mnet Countdown via our home's Unifi which keep me in track on the latest comeback or debut in this Kpop world.

Nah, i am quite late here as i believe that all the VIPs must already aware of the date and venue, huh! yet still some info here, yeahhhh a huge credit to YG family as they've confirm to include Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the list of the tour. Omo im so so anticipated over this because i was not going to their previous tour which was so so dem frustrated. hmmm now i am dying to redeem it and so ready to take a revenge LOL hahaha

Please watch the trailer here as usual BIG BANG never fail you with their bad boy image, charismatic attitude and hey they are just the ONE OF A KIND! cant wait to get the tix as im so so sure that it will be sold out in a nick of time yet c ya guys on 25th July, BIGBANG Fighting!!

Ticket will be start to sell on 17th May 2015 at 11am. ONLINE purchase wil only be available on 5pm onwards!

more info here YGFAMILY


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