Europe Trip: Photo Diary of Dublin City (Part 1)

Salam and Happy Weekend peeps! :')

Yeahhh finally the last part of my Europe trip is here! sorry for keep on dragging this travelog as i am desperately need to settle other stories before jump onto this one. anyhow, this final part would be rambled on our 3D2N in Ireland which covering the Dublin City and the Cliffs of Moher. nah, the photo diary above best describing my 1st time being in the city. it felt homie, peaceful and less distressful compared to the London City and Paris. Oh Oh it was seriously COLD! temperature was about 10 degree yet it felt like 3 degree when breezing! fyi i was there on the last Autumn, October 2014.

Load of loves to my dear friend, Mr Habib for inviting us to his place and welcoming us to stay at his family's home there. couldn't ask for more when they were even cooked meals for us and bringing us touring the city. it was so so lovely and insyAllah i won't forget ok ?! cepat habis belajar nanti saya belanja roti kosong sama teh tarik! hahaha macam cuti tak balik KL je LOL

Btw its quite easy to get Halal foods in here. try to check that Zaytoon Persian Cuisine or you may stroll along the Capel street as few of Halal shops (Kebabs / Lebanese houses) are situated along the street. honestly, i do love the night life in Dublin. it was bright, happening and  you could still feel secure although walking late at night where all the shops already closed. lorh idk it is just my own prediction haha

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai and FarahYusuf


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