Sandra Azwan Resort 2015/2016 Menswear Fashion Show

with the man himself Mr Sandra Azwan :)

21.04.15 | Segaris Arts, Publika

Yesterday i was invited to witness a new collection from our local emerging young talented designer, Sandra Azwan. yup its a menswear whereas its an universal collection as per claimed by the designer himself. this new limited edition line is inspired by athletic and urban streetwear which my focus is totally on the bold and eye-catching sweaters! here some that successfully captured by my Canon whilst lot of other enchanting designs can be seen/order at the

The abstract mechanism in these designs most certainly unraveling as it is not possible to look past these designs and brush it off as something merely unusual. At the first look, the construction for each design seems to be simple, flawless, clean shapes and complimenting patterns all making the silhouette an enthralling and remarkable aspect oft he collection. While, it has been done before in his previous work, Sandra Azwan proves to be unpredictable while maintaining his very own fashion DNA (because geometrical embellishment is just his thingy!)

When asked of the things that inspire him in this particular collection, Sandra Azwan had confessed of his love for architecture and the joy of meticulously fusing different elements together, giving birth to a greater definition from the coalescing inspiration. The composition of carefully constructed panels into the fabric are no easy feat, given that each lines and borders are intricately sewed to create a lean architectural designs with brazen colours, melding opposites theme together which lead to a stupendous blend of firm gravity and a sense of gallantry, enhanced by geometric boundaries.

again, me with Abg Najim! (Nazim Othman!)
oh oh who doesn't wanna don his design? finally met Hatta Dolmat :)
the Mr.Stylista haha naseb baik tak dapat opps dari Bro Ayie ni omg! LOL 
with Mr Sandra and my Best Best Buddies, Iqmal and Hezly :)

As usual, attending a fashion show is just so fascinating! admiring the designer's works while being in that ambiance is so fun for me. then, meeting new people, widening the networks and mingling with the local celebrities are just beyond excitement. congratulation Sandra for the outstanding show and of course my dear Yusfariq for inviting. guys, wait no more as the pre-order of this LIMITED EDITION was already started on the last 10th April 2015. hence, head to the official page to order yours!



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